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At K+S, we are passionate about what we do. High-quality salt is our passion.

Salt is our passion

We extract and process this versatile raw material into excellent products which, in a special way, make the lives of our customers better each day. Because salt is more than just a mineral: people rely on our products. Our salt is the basic ingredient for many things that our customers count on, day after day. This trust is what drives us.

„Salt is our life. Our customers can depend on us because we are their long standing, reliable partner and because we understand their requirements.“

Salt is our

We do everything possible to ensure that our product reliably enriches our customers’ businesses. That’s why we only deliver excellent quality.  With constant quality control, we ensure that every product is in immaculate condition. Regular Audits and certifications confirm our high-quality standard.

„We make sure that our salt always arrives exactly where our customers need it, in the best possible quality.”

Salt is our

K+S is the biggest and most capable salt producer for international pharmaceutical companies in Europe and we exports significant quantities to overseas. Together with the affiliated companies of the K+S group overseas we form a unique global sales and logistics network, with sites on several continents.

Our pharma production sites


With two modern pharma salt production sites within Europe we can guarantee our customers high delivery reliability.


Europarkarte mit Standorten

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