Sodium Chloride in GMP Quality

APISAL® is an active pharmaceutical ingredient. It is ideally suited for the manufacture of several pharmaceutical applications.

Pharma salt in exceptionally high chemical purity

Pharma salt is an important basic material in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. With APISAL®, numerous medications, dietetic food as well as cosmetics, care and wellness products are produced, in addition to dialysis and infusion solutions.


Dialysis is a blood purification procedure that is used in patients with kidney problems. During the dialysis, the cleaning takes place in the dialyzer. This is traversed by blood and the dialysis solution. In this case, pharmaceutical salt serves as the basic substance of the dialysis solution. In dialysis, there are various methods such as hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

Infusion and injection solutions

Infusion and injection solutions are for administration of liquid solutions and medicaments and are used in parenteral nutrition and as carrier solutions.
Electrolyte solutions are also among the infusions that should compensate for the deficit of salts such as sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. One form of electrolyte solutions is isotonic saline.

Enteral and parenteral nutrition

Enteral nutrition is a form of medical nutrition that includes nutritional nutrition and tube feeding. It is given as a supplement or exclusively. For the time being, tube feed is manufactured in liquid form and contains minerals such as sodium chloride.
In the parenteral nutrition, sodium chloride is added to the nutrient solution as an infusion concentrate.

Medicines and drugs

Sodium chloride is considered as a carrier solution for other active components, therefore, there are various drugs and medicines for various indications such as sodium deficiency, kidney disease, etc.

Nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical salts

Pharmaceutical salt also exists as a component and excipient in other pharmaceutical salts and nutraceuticals.
Not all pharmaceutical salts get directly into the end product, but there are also pharmaceutical salts that combine several salts in different concentrations. Nutraceuticals [nutrition + pharmaceutical] include all biologically active food ingredients that are health and medically effective. Nutraceuticals include supplements, isotonic drinks and mineral tablets.

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