Pharma salt exceptionally high chemical purity

K+S sodium chloride APISAL® is an active pharmaceutical ingredient and ideal for use in several different applications.

Highest product quality during manufacturing

K+S pharma salt  is obtained from particularly pure brine through a highly sophisticated vacuum salt method. APISAL® is made from premium-quality sodium chloride, offers exceptional chemical purity and contains absolutely no additives. To satisfy the extremely strict requirements in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, we produce a particularly pure pharmaceutical-grade salt exceeding the purity requirements as stipulated in a variety of pharmacopoeias. All steps of production, analysis and quality control comply with strict basic rules.

Pyrogenfree – free from bacterial endotoxins

Complies with the requirements of the European (Ph. Eur.), American (USP), British (BP) and Japanese (JP) pharmacopoeias

Manufactured according the regulations of the EG GMP part II and ICH Q7 Guidelines

Product Range

K+S sodium chloride APISAL® is packaged and stored separately from all other salt production equipment in dedicated areas. APISAL® is produced in individual batches and then analyzed. An individual analysis certificate is provided with each delivery.

25 kg pharma bag

(multi-layer paper bag with PE coating)

25 kg PE-bag

(PE-bag with inner blue layer)

25 kg Bag-in-Bag

(multi-layer paper bag with internal single-used PE-bag)

1.000 kg single-use FIBC

Big Bag with inliner


When developing and manufacturing our pharma salt product, quality, product safety and consumer protection rank first. We work with a comprehensive Quality Management System, which covers the full value-added chain: starting at the production until the delivery. Our processes are checked and evaluated constantly in internal and external audits.

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